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Work visa for Singapore 2020 How to get a job contract in Singapore?

Work visa for Singapore 2020 How to get a job contract in Singapore?
The country of Singapore located in Southeast Asia is considered one of the countries that enjoy a very high standard of living and economic as high salaries and services provided to workers in all fields make the difference and may distinguish them even from some European countries.

But we must first mention that obtaining a work contract or work visa requires seriousness and following all formal steps to obtain a work visa or work permit in Singapore.

Today, we will provide you with the most important official information on work visas and job searches in Singapore.

Is it possible to obtain an employment contract from outside Singapore?
Yes, an official contract of employment can be obtained from Singapore if the conditions for obtaining a job in Singapore are fulfilled, especially when your profession is badly needed in Singapore or a profession that requires high efficiency in the field of medicine, economics, technology, or informatics.

How to find formal business outside of Singapore 2020?
You must stay away from the fraudulent companies that delude you by obtaining an original employment contract for a fee.

All you have to do is search for a job on the official websites that are recognized by the Singaporean government, and we will present you with the most famous of these sites:

Indeed the first site
The second site Jobstreet
The third site is Careers
These are the most popular job search sites in Singapore online, it is only sufficient to prepare a CV in English and choose a job that matches your diploma or professional experience and then apply online.

The answer is accepted or flown via e-mail, and often requests an interview, either via Skype, at the Singapore embassy or the diplomatic mission of Singapore in your country.

What are the procedures for requesting work visas for Singapore 2020?
After obtaining acceptance or a job offer from an employer in Singapore, it becomes easy to apply for a Singapore work visa.
For your information, the employer or his licensed agent is the one who requests the official work visa through the official workforce website in Singapore.

The foreign worker only takes fingerprints and biometrics at the Singapore Labor Office after arriving in order to obtain the worker card in Singapore.

Duration of Singaporean work visa 2020:
The duration of the work visa for Singapore is usually 2 years, and it may be less than that, depending on the validity of the foreign worker's passport, as well as the period of insurance on the part of the employer.

Singaporean Work Permit Fee 2020:
The Singaporean Work Visa fee is 35 Singapore Dollars, which the employer pays when submitting the official application for a Singaporean work permit.

This is all the necessary information about a work visa in Singapore for Arabs, how to apply for a Singapore work visa, as well as the steps for applying for a Singapore visa.