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How to apply for residence and citizenship of Colombia 2020

How to apply for residence and citizenship of Colombia 2020
Immigration to Colombia and obtaining the nationality and passport of Colombia ... Have you ever thought about the issue of travel, requesting a Colombia tourist visa, methods of obtaining permanent residence for Colombia, and then applying for Colombia citizenship and its passport?

Why travel to Colombia and apply for a Colombia tourist visa?
In fact, Colombia is a country worth visiting due to its many tourist attractions, especially in the capital, Bogota.
And requesting a Colombia tourist visa is not difficult, as Colombia does not impose severe restrictions on Arab passport holders who wish to travel to Colombia for tourism.
Colombia tourist visa from Arab countries can be requested electronically after contacting the accredited embassy of Colombia in your country or the country near you.

Can a tourist visa be converted to a residence in Colombia?
Yes, the Colombian tourist visa or visa can be transferred in a number of ways, and this is after entering Colombia, as a temporary or permanent residence in Colombia can be obtained after the tourist visa is transferred to Colombia.

Methods of obtaining residence in Colombia 2020:
Temporary residence in Colombia for students
Temporary residence for business owners in Colombia
Permanent residence for those who accept asylum claims
Permanent residency for spouses of a citizen of Colombia
The temporary residence cards can be transferred to permanent residence cards in Colombia after staying for a specified period in Colombia.

Apply for Colombia citizenship 2020:
It is possible to submit an official application for naturalization or obtaining Colombian citizenship to those who fulfill the following conditions:
Permanent residence in Colombia upon application
One year residence in Colombia for citizens of Latin America and the Caribbean
Two-year residence in Colombia for those born in Spain
A two-year residence for a married Colombian or a Colombian, or have Colombian children
Full 5-year residency for foreigners who do not belong to the above categories
Submit the documents required for naturalization of Colombian citizenship
The physical and mental health of the applicant for Colombian citizenship
Knowledge of Spanish and knowledge of the Colombian Constitution and laws
The actual residence period is calculated after obtaining the permanent residence card in Colombia and it is not necessary to leave the Colombian soil for more than 12 months during the period of stay in Colombia.

Apply for Colombia citizenship 2020:
A request for Colombian nationality shall be submitted to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Colombia, and the reasons for requesting the Colombian nationality must be stated and all required data must be given: name, title, residence card number, profession, original nationality, etc.

A file of requesting Colombian citizenship 2020:
To apply for an official application for naturalization in Colombian nationality, the following required documents and documents must be submitted:
The form to submit the application for Colombian citizenship is completed and contains all the personal data, permanent residency card, and address information
An identical copy of the original permanent residence card in Colombia
The original passport is valid
A work certificate or business letter from an employer in Colombia
A tax return certificate for professionals or craftsmen and a certificate certified by the Chamber of Commerce for merchants, investors, or entrepreneurs in Colombia
Certificate of success in the Spanish language test and knowledge of the Constitution and Colombian laws
A certificate or marriage contract for married couples in Colombia
Written pledge of legal status towards military service
5 recent photographs, 4 * 5, with a blue background
Pay the Colombian citizenship fees

Fees for obtaining Colombian citizenship 2020:
The application fee for Colombia citizenship is 35,000 Colombian pesos (equivalent to 87 USD).
The costs of Colombian citizenship are paid to the financial fund of the Colombian Foreign Affairs Office.
The required documents must be translated into Spanish by a sworn translator and certified.
Additional documents may be requested by the Office of Foreign Affairs, and they must be committed to being sent before the expiry of a period of 6 months, otherwise, the applicant is not considered interested in acquiring Colombia citizenship.
After obtaining Colombian citizenship, the Colombian national ID card and the Colombian passport can be obtained easily.

Application for Colombian passport 2020:
Colombia passport is ranked 29th in the world according to the Passport Andax passport classification site in the world and the holder of Colombia passport can visit 130 countries without a visa, electronic visa, or visa on arrival.

Are Schengen countries without a visa for holders of a Colombia passport?
Yes, a Colombian passport holder can travel to all Schengen countries without a visa, meaning he can visit 26 Schengen countries, such as France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and others without a visa. The Colombian obtains a visa upon arrival at the airports of the Schengen countries by 90 days and valid for 180 days.
Colombian citizens only need a national identification card without a passport when traveling to the following countries:
Anyone who holds a Colombian nationality becomes officially eligible to apply for a Colombian passport by submitting the required documents and documents with the fees for requesting a Colombian passport.