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Free British Pitcairn Islands visa 2020

Free British Pitcairn Islands visa 2020
British Pitcairn visa or visa is a short-term tourist visa for the British Virgin Islands in Pitcairn, but before that, what do you know about British Pitcairn Islands?
The Pitcairn Islands is a British colony in the Pacific Ocean and forms an overseas British Territory.
The Pitcairn Islands have local governments and are affiliated with the United Kingdom.

Travel to Pitcairn from Arab countries is easy for all holders of Arab passports.
Pitcairn encourages tourism, and the tourism sector is the most important provider of hard currency to the Pitcairn Islands.

How to travel to Pitcairn Islands 2020?
Pitcairn Islands visa or visa is not required for all holders of Arab passports, but it must be taken into account that the Pitcairn Islands are isolated and require transit in more than one country to reach them and therefore the need to obtain a visa for those countries in addition to some of the necessary conditions that must be adhered to which are:
A valid passport
Sufficient money for tourism in the Pitcairn Islands
A round-trip ticket to Pitcairn or continue the journey to another country
A visa must be obtained in advance for the countries the flight is transiting or transiting to the British Isles of Pitcairn

Duration of British Pitcairn Islands visa 2020:
The duration of the Pitcairn visa is only 14 days. In the event that a tourist visa is requested for a longer period, the Immigration Office of the Pitcairn government should be contacted and the visa file sent electronically to obtain approval.

Are there fees for the British Pitcairn 2020 visa?
Currently, there are no fees for requesting a Pitcairn tourist visa, according to the official website of the Pitcairn government, as it is possible to obtain a 14-day entry visa upon arrival at Pitcairn.
Ways to contact the Pitcairn Islands Immigration Service:
You can contact the Pitcairn Islands Immigration Office for more information or how to travel to Pitcairn via email:

Is it possible to obtain permanent residence in the British Isles of Pitcairn?
Yes, Pitcairn Islands allows those who have employment contracts in Pitcairn or families there or who are married to a citizen or citizen of Pitcairn to submit a request for temporary or permanent residence for the Pitcairn Islands and this before traveling to it.
All required forms as well as supporting documents and contact the Immigration Office should always be filled out in the same email for more information on how to apply for temporary or permanent residence in the British Isles of Pitcairn.

How to submit an immigration application to British Pitcairn Islands 2020:
Upon application, a photocopy of the passport and the completed application form must be sent, which can be obtained from the official website of the Pitcairn Islands Immigration Service to the emigration office of the Pitcairn Islands.

After sending the required documents, you are contacted by the Pitcairn Islands Immigration Officer and informs you about how to pay the expenses of a long-term visa application or an immigrant visa for the Pitcairn Islands as well as documents and documents that the immigration officer may need to complete processing the immigration application for the Pitcairn Islands.

In conclusion, the procedures for traveling to the Pitcairn Islands from Arab countries and requesting a Pitcairn visa are very easy, as it is possible to obtain a Pitcairn visa or entry stamp for the Pitcairn Islands upon arrival.